Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Snow white/ taste Sweet of Love

korean drama recomended! disebabkan tahap keboringan yang amat melampau akupun merajinkan diri men'download' drama korea ni.. mula2 ingatkan tak best.. tapi lama2 best gak citernya.. hehehehe..

Ma Young-Hee (Kim Jung Hwa) has been in love with her best friend Han Jin-Woo (Yeon Jung Hoon) since the first time they met in high school. Han Jin-Woo, on the other hand, does not see Ma Young-Hee's love for him and blindly goes out with other girls in front of Ma Young-Hee. On a trip to Japan, Young-Hee meets a young man on the street who takes her back to his apartment since she is drunk. Young-Hee accuses this man of raping her even though he didn't, but before she can rightfully press charges, he runs away as the government officials of Japan chase him down for an expired visa. Upon returning to Korea, Jin-Woo stops by her apartment and introduces his younger brother, Han Sun-Woo (Lee Wan) who just happens to be the young man she met in Japan. Jin-Woo asks if Sun-woo may stay at her place, and Young-hee accepts out of love for Jin-Woo. The story unfolds as a sudden high school classmate of Young-Hee, Jang Hee-Won, (Oh Seung Hyun), begins to court Jin-Woo.

My word: so apa lagi jipang, aton and da geng.... download la citer ni.. korang mesti suka.. hehehehehe

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