Wednesday, April 8, 2009

White Love Story

Rasa mcm nak nyanyikan lgu ni untuk seseorang.. tapi siapa... di mana dia...

i didn't know at first.. why your gaze looking at me...
made me feel so flustered...
i always wanted to ask.. if you understood just a little of my feelings..
although i never told you..

now i know, how you were as lost and wandering as I was..
how you hurt so much, it kept you from sleep..
hold my hand, i won't let go of you again..
I love You.. as long as i breathe...

Things stood still,.. when you, who'd always treated me coldly,..
smiled at me that day..

Now I know, how you were lost and wandering as I was,..
how you hurt so much, it kept you from sleep..
Hold my hand.. don't let go of me..
I love you..till the day I close my eyes in rest...

I won't cry,.. now that you're by my side..
Thank You.. for such a worthless me..
for giving me the gift of you....

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